Frequently Asked Questions

What is a comprehensive fundraising campaign and why is Marquette launching it now? Get these questions and more answered by downloading the campaign FAQ resource here. 

The Value of a Marquette Education

We recognize the tremendous responsibility we have to help shape and transform the lives of our students at this great Catholic, Jesuit institution, and we are committed to providing them all with a transformational education rooted in excellence. Explore more here, including tuition costs, how those dollars are used, student success stats and more.

Fast facts about Marquette

Did you know that 80% of Marquette students participate in community service? Or that Marquette is one of the first Educational Opportunity programs in the country to serve low-income and first-generation students? Download Marquette "fast facts" here, including enrollment numbers and national rankings.

Interactive Reports

These interactive reports provide official statistics about the university across a range of topics. You will find reports with information on student enrollment, course enrollment, diversity and inclusion, student surveys, student success, faculty and staff, student survey results, and more. Explore this reporting here.

The Marquette Endowment

Marquette’s endowment consists of more than 1,400 accounts invested using sound financial management practices to provide funds in perpetuity in fulfillment of donors’ wishes. The interest generated off these accounts is the university’s most valuable financial asset. Read more about Marquette’s endowment here, including university endowment numbers for Fiscal Year 2020. For even more information about the Marquette endowment, visit

Advancement Infographics on Philanthropic Momentum

Thank you to our generous Marquette alumni, parents, and friends who help us Be The Difference. We are profoundly grateful, and we look forward to where we can go next together. View our Fiscal Year 2021 progress through mid-January, or download the Fiscal Year 2020 infographic here, including philanthropic impact, student diversity numbers and other pride points. 

Marquette’s Financial Report

This financial report provides not only a snapshot in time of Marquette’s financial health, but also a glimpse forward — how the university invests in itself today is the foundation for how it will Be The Difference in the future. Download the Fiscal Year 2020 financial report here.

Ways to Rise Through Planned Giving

There are ways in which you can plan now to direct assets in the future that will allow you to fully Be The Difference through our Time to Rise campaign. Download this planned giving resource to learn about four popular, effective planned giving strategies.